Backyard Attractions


Do you struggle to provide a wholesome outlet for your children’s boundless energies? Draw them outside for some vigorous physical exercise with the Backyard Attraction play set from Play Mor Swing Sets. You will find plenty of healthy activities, ranging from swinging and climbing to sliding and dining, for your youngsters to enjoy in the great outdoors. Give them a play set and reap the rewards of healthy old fashioned play for years to come.

Features Include:
– The Deluxe Watch Tower is made from #1 Grade Treated Yellow Pine with smooth surfaces and rounded corners. This helps to protect your children’s hands and arms from splinters and abrasions.
– High quality tear-resistant Double Canopy with brass grommets every 8 inches to withstand harsh wind.
– Enjoy a sisters’ tea party or family picnic in your own backyard with the Picnic Table Kit. (Includes DT Full Floor Kit)
– Easy Ride Attachment Beam 4 Position built for many years of safe use and fun family times.
– Baby Swing lets your little ones enjoy a safe swing ride before they know how to hang on themselves
– 2 comfortable Sling Swings with soft grip on chains will not pinch tender hands.
– Horse Glider offers your children another way to swing.
– Low Ride Tire Swing Attachment Beam with safety chains hanging from a lubricated heavy duty swivel.
– Tire Swing lets you put all your energy into swinging in any direction you please.
– 10′ Scoop Wave Slide adds an extra swoosh of excitement.
– 10′ Gang Plank with double rope railing and wooden safety treads provides a safe walkway up into the tower.
– Get there more adventurous way with one of these 5-foot climbs: Cargo Net, Pipe Climb, or Rock Climb.
– Powder coated Fireman‘s Pole adds some zip to your playset.
– Steering Wheel, Telescope, and Periscope add some fun up above.
– 3 Flags for some extra splashes of color.

A Deluxe Watch Tower features a large 5' x 8' sandbox and TWO 4' x 5' floor levels. The lower level offers up to three standard openings, and the upper level (5' level) has one standard opening with a possible 5' Climb opening. “Deluxe” is the word for this wooden swing set tower because possibilities abound. (Includes two flags.)

$7,813.00 $5,885.00

Payment as low as$117.7 per month


  • Length: 34'
  • Width: 19'
  • Floor Height: 4 and 5'
  • Swing Height: 7 and 8'
  • Play Area Length: 40'
  • Play Area Width: 25'
  • Age Appeal: 2-12
  • Play Capacity: 1-8 children