54″ Pro Dunk® Bear Silver Hoop


54″ Pro Dunk® Bear Silver Hoop


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1/2″ thick glass board and competition grade break-away rim mounts to an all-steel base boasting unmatched rigidity for a no-sway playing experience. The base features 16″ turf tires and built-in all direction leveling at the four corners allowing for easy off-road setup unlike any portable before it. Young competitors can effortlessly adjust the system down to an industry low 4.5′ perfect for the family dunk contest. [Patent Pending #62433850]

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The all-steel Bear is nothing like your neighbor's water filled plastic portable. 800lbs of glass, steel and aluminum deliver an outdoor portable experience like none before it. The gymnasium, 1/2" glass board rebounds the ball solidly and the competition-grade rim has break-away action that'll hold up to the most aggressive dunkers guaranteed. Effortless adjustment down to 4' 6" allows everybody to get in on the action. 16 inch turf tires allow for off-road set up while built in leveling satisfies competitive players looking to practice at home. If you're ready to trash your sporting goods store portable, upgrade to Bear and never buy another hoop.

Adjustable To As Low As 4.5'
Don't leave anybody out! Let your young competitor get a head start at the 4.5' rim height. Also, this allows installation to be done from a standing position without ladders or special tools.
Effortless Adjustment
The Pro Dunk®'s powerful lift-assist mechanism neutralizes the weight of the backboard allowing a 6-year-old child to easily adjust the system.
FAST Adjustment
Raise the system from as low as 4.5' to a regulation 10' height in under 60 seconds.
Any Height, Not Fixed Intervals
Unlike other brands that will only adjust in 6" intervals, Pro Dunk systems can be set at any height you want.
Safe, Enclosed Adjustment Mechanism
A fully enclosed adjustment mechanism keeps children and other players safe while adjusting the height of the system.
No Pins, No Rod, No Sweat
Meet the simplest adjustment mechanism available. Turn the handle clockwise to go up, counter-clockwise to go down. When you reach the height you want, stop turning. It's that simple!
Padlock the System at Any Height
Check out the Pro Dunk Lock if you're interested.
Easily See the Rim Height While Adjusting
The height meter is mounted so the person adjusting the system can easily read and set the system at precise heights.
The Adjustment Handle Is Accessible To All Players
The adjustment handle is mounted at a height players of all ages can reach.


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