APS 10ADA-38



360° Cobra Slide, Arch Bridge with Handrails (x2), Stand Alone Talk Tube, Sand & Water Table, Safety Panel (x3), Storefront Panel, Bubble Panel, Gear Panel, Loop Ladder, Shingle Roof, ADA Transfer Station, Triple Rail Slide, Loop Ladder Safety Panel, Balcony Deck, Stepping Stones, Window Panel, Crawl Thru Panel, Rung Ladder, Chin-Up Bar, Horizontal Monkey Bars, Talk Tube (x2), 16″ Deck


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  • Age Range:
    5 - 12 years old
  • Size:
    26' L x 40' W
  • Use Zone:
    38' x 52'
  • Kid Capacity:
    35 - 40 kids
  • Weight:
    999.99 lbs