EPS 174ADA-03



90° Slide, 90° Crawl Tube, Gabled Roof, Ocean Panel, ADA Steering Panel, Geo-Shape Panel, Crawl Thru Panel, Safety Panel, Police Panel, Talk Tube (x2), Spinner Panel, 360° Cobra Slide, Bubble Panel, Storefront Panel, Step Unit with Handrails, Convex Climber, Pilot Panel, Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, Arch Bedrock Climber, Stepping Stones, Post Mount Steering Wheel, ADA Transfer Station, Triple Rail Slide, Bus Panel, Gear Panel


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  • Age Range:
    2 - 12 years old
  • Size:
    22' L x 25' W
  • Use Zone:
    34' x 37'
  • Kid Capacity:
    55 - 65 kids
  • Weight:
    999.99 lbs