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  • Soft Terylene enclosure. Get support for your rugged bouncing, without skin irritation.
  • World’s tallest safety net.  Push yourself to the sky, and have no fear of vaulting out.

  • Flexible, full-length door.  Access with ease through a self-shutting and zipper less door.

  • Stay safe with a skirt.  Prevent underside access, and protect little bodies from injury.

  • Fine and tear-resistant.  Avoid catching fingers and toes, with tightly woven netting.

  • No contact zones.  Fasten the new modular safety net directly to the edge of the jump mat.

  • Refined Leaf Springs.  Enjoy better bouncing with pre-curved Leaf Springs that are rivet-free for extra strength.

  • Bounce without strain.  Avoid the twisty rebound of other spring less trampolines, which can injure joints.

  • Exclusive frame treatment.  Defend against rust, with matte black powder-coating, heat-treatment and double-dipped galvanization.

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  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 12'
    • Net Height: 5'11"
    • Mat Width: 10'4"
    • Frame: 12'
    • Mat Height: 2'11"
    • Overall Height: 9'3"