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Does Rubber Mulch Get Hot

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Are you a parent looking to create a safe environment and a fun backyard playground for your kids? With the summer season rapidly approaching, it pays to know what kind of surface material is best for the outdoors. Rubber mulch is a popular choice to use for playgrounds, but does it get too hot on those scorching summer days? Will this compromise the safety of our children?

Rubber mulch does get hot in direct sunlight or in warm weather conditions. Although this eco-friendly innovation gets hot during the summer season, it never hurts to investigate why rubber mulch is still the perfect investment for backyard attractions. In this article, we will go over the safety of rubber mulch for parents and homeowners alike who want to ensure their little ones are playing on a temperature-friendly surface. Read more to learn how much heat rubber mulch can generate and how to protect kids from all potential risks! 

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What is Rubber Mulch & Why It is Considered for Playgrounds? 

Rubber mulch has emerged as the top alternative for backyard playgrounds for reasons. This type of mulch is made from recycled rubber, typically from old tires, which stands out as an environmentally friendly option. Not only is it perfect for protecting our environment, but it also provides a safe surface for the kids to play on. Rubber mulch is also shock-absorbent and can help prevent injuries from falls, making it an ideal choice for backyard playgrounds. On an additional note, rubber mulch does not break down or decompose like its traditional wood mulch counterpart, resulting in lasting longer and does not need to be replaced often. If you are searching for a limited maintenance, safe, and eco-friendly option for your backyard playground, look no further and invest in rubber mulch today! 

Why Rubber Mulch Gets Hot in Warmer Seasons & How You can Make a Difference!

Although rubber mulch has an abundance of fantastic advantages for parents and gardeners alike, there will always be a drawback to any product. Rubber mulch does get hot during warmer periods of the year especially when it is under direct sunlight. Because rubber mulch is a shock absorbent material made from recycled tires, the material can retain heat. This can be uncomfortable to bare feet resulting in a sense of inconvenience. The retained heat from the material can also potentially affect your plants if you choose to use rubber mulch in your plants this summer. 

Light vs Dark Mulch

This seems to be the ultimate dealbreaker for you, right? But what if we told you there is a way to reduce the rubber mulch from being hot in the scorching sun? Our team highly recommends you consider these steps to keep your rubber mulch cooler this summer. It has been discussed that using lighter colors will absorb less heat than darker-colored mulch. So, go for a lighter color to reduce that scorching heat! Another consideration to remember is to place your rubber mulch in well-known shaded areas in your backyard. This will be a big part of your first step in the entire installation process. You could provide routine maintenance by regularly watering your rubber mulch, reducing it from getting too hot. Finally, you could mix your rubber mulch with separate mulch types such as wood mulch or alternative eco-friendly aesthetics could assist in reducing overall heat onto the ground.

Even though rubber mulch gets hot during the warmer parts of the year, it never hurts to consider diverse ways to maximize your investment and keep the kids safe and cool during the summer. With investment considerations, thoughtful considerations on where to place your rubber mulch, and choosing lighter rubber mulch colors, you can influence the safety of your backyard playground equipment. 

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Is Rubber Mulch More Expensive Than Other Alternatives

Rubber mulch has become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional wood mulch. While some people may assume that it is more expensive, it actually has a similar price point to many other alternatives. In fact, when you consider the long-term savings that come with using rubber mulch, it may even end up being the more cost-effective option. Unlike traditional wood mulch, rubber mulch does not decompose, which means you won’t need to replace it as often. It is also able to retain moisture more effectively, which can reduce the amount of watering needed for your plants. So while the initial cost of rubber mulch may be slightly higher than traditional wood mulch, it is worth considering the benefits it can provide in the long run.


It is no wonder that rubber mulch is the emerging go-to investment for those interested in installing that perfect backyard playground equipment. It has stood out amongst other counterparts for its innovative eco-friendly approach creating a safer and fun play environment for the kids while they are enjoying their festivities outside. And even though innovative creations bring safer environments, they do also have some drawbacks as rubber mulch does get hot in the summer season. However, this can be mended by considering lighter colored rubber mulch or installing the rubber mulch in a perfectly shaded area in the backyard. Or adding layers of alternative aesthetics around your rubber mulch to reduce any hotter surfaces. And of course, providing routine maintenance to your rubber mulch during the warmer months will assist in cooling down the area so the kids can run around safely and comfortably on that fantastic backyard playground. 

Even though rubber mulch is proven to be hot in the warmer months, no one can honestly forget the extraordinary benefits that rubber mulch can bring to your backyard attractions. Not only will you do your part for the environment, but you will also feel relieved and satisfied knowing your garden is safe and your children will let their imaginations run wild on that backyard playground with ease. We here at Kids World Play Systems are confident that investing in rubber mulch will make a significant impact for safety. So, say no more and invest in rubber mulch today!