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Kids World Play Systems payment options for any budget. You can pay for your swing set at the time of purchase, use one of our financing options from 12 to 60 months.

Swing Sets For Sale offers quality, innovative swing sets. If you are looking for the best outdoor play equipment for your children, swing sets make a great choice. Swing Sets For Sale offers an extensive assortment of residential and commercial playground swing sets including metal swing sets, wooden swing sets, plastic swing sets and more! Whether you live in an apartment or own a large home with lots of extra space, we have models to meet your needs and price range.

Contact us to learn about financing options for your backyard or playground swing set. We love talking about our products; tune in to our articles and learn how you can get the best possible options for your operation of fun at your home or facility. Backyard Adventures swing sets are also available at our swing set showrooms.

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Kids World Play Systems payment options for any budget. You can pay for your swing set at the time of purchase, use one of our financing options. 




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Kids World Play Systems offers financing through Wells Fargo with plans that have a fixed rate, with low payments. We also have plans that offer payments and no interest when the total is paid within a certain period. You will receive a credit decision in minutes, and they will allow you to take advantage of credit limits. Payment plans available from 12 to 60 months. Please contact sales at 330-877-8898 for details.




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Right now, we have many offers going on right now for our swing sets, basketball hoops, trampolines, playgrounds, equipment and more with Kids World Play Systems. A purchase with our special offers or our top seller recommendations can even come with our financing options. 

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At Kids World Play Systems our family will be sure to offer you the best built products to ensure a lifetime of adult and childhood memories. Customer service, honesty, and your referral is what has built our business to become a family owned and operated company. Our products are made entirely of superior materials, offering Natural Select, Redwood, Cedar, and Poly Lumber. The result is a beautiful long lasting lumber built to last. Our lumber is milled to a smooth surface and edges are rounded to remove sharp corners. After that it is carefully sorted to almost eliminate unsightly knobs and irregular wood grain. Almost all of our items come assembled using only highest quality galvanized, stainless steel or plated hardware. We are located in Ohio.