How To Move A Trampoline

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The day has finally come. Moving day. One of the most daunting tasks when it comes to the moving process is moving your trampoline. But the good news is that it is possible that moving your trampoline can be a daunting task to being moved with ease. With the right tools, knowledge, and ambition, you can get your family’s outdoor fun safely from one place to the other without damage or injury. So, ‘let’s bounce,’ and go over just how to move your trampoline. 

how to move a trampoline

Visually Inspecting Your Trampoline’s New Location

When moving your trampoline, it is clearly important to inspect the new location to ensure that it is a safe environment. One of the first steps to take is to check if the ground is level for your trampoline, ensuring it is clear of any holes, bumps, or debris that can affect the stability of your trampoline. Next, you want to clear the area of any debris such as rocks and branches and by looking for any overhead obstacles such as tree branches or power lines. Another food of thought is to assess your surroundings and by measuring the right space ensuring the overall safety of the kids while your trampoline is in use. When you have gone through a thorough and thoughtful visual inspection, you will be rest assured that the family will have a safe environment to enjoy fun-fulfilled moments on your trampoline. 

Gathering the Correct Supplies for Disassembling 

All Right. It is time to move that trampoline now that we have discovered its safe new location. But hold it just a moment, we need to gather the correct supplies to disassemble your trampoline for a successful move. The necessary supplies to gather to successfully move your trampoline includes wrenches, a screwdriver, bungee ropes, a tarp, and safety gear. Wrenches and screwdrivers will help you break down your trampoline to its basic components.

A bungee cord will safely secure your trampoline in place for a successful transport. Using a tarp is an optional, but a necessary step to use to prevent any scratches or damage to your trampoline along with an additional headache. Using safety gear such as thick gloves will come in handy when managing heavy parts or in the act of moving the trampoline. By having these materials readily available, moving your trampoline will be a less daunting task. 

(Additional Note: It never hurts to request some help moving your trampoline from friends, family, or professional movers. The more people enlist on moving your trampoline, the less of a challenge it will be.)

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Disassembling Your Trampoline

A safe way to move your trampoline to prevent damage or scratches is by disassembling your trampoline to its basic components. By beginning this step, it would be wise to take a gander at your owner’s instruction manual. When you look over the manual, now you will be able to remove the frame, springs, mat, and the safety net of your trampoline with your wrench and screwdriver. Another factor to consider is keeping track of all bolts, nuts and screws to your trampoline’s basic components and storing them in a secure container. Remember to take this approach one step at a time, you want to disassemble with the prevention of errors and the loss of items. 

Securing A Safe Passage for your Trampoline:

A critical step to moving your trampoline is by securing your trampoline’s basic components. Using tie-down straps such as bungee cords will ensure safe passage for your trampoline to its next location, especially now that it is disassembled. The last thing you wish to happen while moving your trampoline is by losing key components that keep your trampoline together. Remember, trampolines are to be in use for bouncing in the back yard, not in the middle of traffic. As mentioned before, using a tarp to cover your trampoline can make a significant difference in preventing damage or scratches to your trampoline while in transport. So, tie down all your disassembled components to your trampoline and you will ensure a successful move. 

Transporting a Trampoline

This may be the most key step in the moving process of your trampoline. It would not be recommended to use a smaller vehicle to move your trampoline. The best vehicle to use for moving your trampoline would include a truck, a van, or a trailer. When you have everything disassembled, the next step is by carefully loading the trampoline components into the vehicle. Another additional note to add is the earlier recommendation of enlisting help to load the components of your trampoline into the vehicle. It never hurts to ask for help! Once the trampoline has been stored and ready for transport, remember to securely tie it down so it does not bounce into traffic.

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Unload & Unwind: Reassembling Your Trampoline

Now that you have moved your trampoline to the next location, the next step to take is by unloading your trampoline and reassembling it in the previously inspected area. First, carefully unload your trampoline components from your vehicle to the desired location. Pull out the instruction manual to begin the reassembling process. Then, take out and lay out the components of your trampoline separately to get a better idea to reassemble your trampoline. By reassembling your trampoline piece-by-piece by following your instruction manual, you will be able to reassemble your trampoline with ease. 

Positioning & Anchoring the Trampoline

Once you have moved and reassembled your trampoline, the next course of action would be to position your trampoline in the previous visually inspected area. You will need to take one more visual inspection by confirming the ground is level, no debris is laying around and it is a secure area ensuring safety for the kids. One factor to seriously consider is if you need to anchor down your trampoline in your new location. This can vary depending on where you live and that may involve high winds. You do not want your trampoline flying over into Oz. You can consult with local authorities or rely on your instruction manual to confirm if you need to anchor down your trampoline or not. 

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Safety First & Safety Always

Although trampolines are to be used for a fun-fulfilled experience, you cannot deny the seriousness of safety precautions to take when investing in a trampoline. We have especially gone over this while moving your trampoline by gathering the right supplies and securing safe passage by tying down your trampoline’s components. So, now that we have moved your trampoline and reassembled it to perfection, it is essential to safely evaluate it out before allowing anyone else to use the trampoline. Check if all the components are up to speed after reassembling your trampoline to prevent injury to yourself and damage to your trampoline. When you have put in the time to perform a final safe inspection for your trampoline, you will be able to ensure that your trampoline will be in excellent condition in it’s new spot. 

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That was not so bad right? Moving a trampoline may appear to be an intimidating task, but with the right materials, a little help, secure transportation, and a safe new location, it can be done quickly and safely. With proper preparation, patience, and mindfulness, you will have your kids enjoying their trampoline at their new home in no time. If you have followed the rudimentary instructions provided above, you will be rest assured that your trampoline will provide countless hours of safe and unforgettable fun for you and your family in your new location for years to come. 

Moving a trampoline may seem like an intimidating task, but with the right materials and know-how it can be done quickly and safely. With the proper preparation, patience, and attention to detail you’ll have your kids enjoying their trampoline at their new home in no time.

Every time you come to move a trampoline, always make sure that all parts are properly secured and handled with care. If scuffed or damaged during transport, the chances of lasting wear being extended are low. As long as the safety guidelines are followed and secure installation is completed at the destination, the trampoline should provide countless hours of safe and unforgettable fun for you and your family during their relocation adventure.