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What Is Rubber Mulch

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Have you wondered on pursuing innovative ways to ensure a safe play environment for the kids in the backyard? Have you ever envisioned an attractive and practical solution for landscaping? Say no more and embrace the surging attraction known as rubber mulch. But what exactly is rubber mulch? Rubber much is an eco-friendly alternative to both traditional organic mulches, such as pine straw and wood chips, as well as synthetic turf solutions. It has become increasingly popular amongst homeowners due to it’s low maintenance needs, durability and affordability. In this article, we will describe what rubber mulch is and if it is a perfect investment for your yard. 

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A Brief Understanding

No matter what you decide to put into use, rubber mulch is a popular choice for parents and gardeners looking to protect plants and keeping the kids safe. Rubber mulch is made from recycled rubber materials. They are especially ideal for areas with poor soil, as it may improve soil conditions over time thanks to its slow decomposition process.

On an additional note, it avoids attracting pests or fungus, making it an effective solution for preventing plant diseases. It also comes in several distinct colors so you can choose the option that best matches your playground’s aesthetic. Understanding the basics of rubber mulch will give you a brighter idea and an informed decision on whether it is a great choice for all of your needs for the yard. 

Benefits for Landscaping

A surging choice amongst homeowners, gardeners and even landscapers, it is an innovative eco-friendly product. But what kind of benefits does it apply to landscapers? This landscaping material offers numerous benefits that are difficult to match with traditional materials.

For starters, it assists in conserving soil moisture by slowing down evaporation, which is critical during hot and dry weather. Rubber mulch reduces weed growth and inhibits the growth of harmful plant fungi and bacteria. Another benefit to add is that rubber mulch does not decompose, simplifying that it lasts longer than organic materials like wood chips, and does not need to be replaced as often.

As mentioned before, it has stood out as an environmentally friendly choice that helps reducing toxic waste. With the knowledge of these key benefits, it is considered a no-brainer that rubber mulch is a top choice for commercial and residential landscaping projects. 

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The Installation Process for Your Playground

The process of installing it for your yard will take serious thought and some hard work. Always remember to consider that it can be installed for your garden and for other convenient reasons for the yard! To begin installing, it is always best to plan and coordinate the right measurements for the location of your playground. This will help ensure that the rubber mulch will be installed in a safe and secure area clear of debris or sharp objects. Next, you want to install edging around the entire perimeter of your backyard’s playground area. This will help contain the mulch and preventing from spreading and splashing in that image-perfection for your playground. 

It is also important to lay down a weed barrier. This step will assist in preventing weeds from growing up through and that is a possibility. Now it is time to spread the mulch evenly over the playground area. Using a rake or a shovel will help spread and providing a consistent depth for the mulch. 

Once it is spread across the playground areas perimeter, you want to compact the rubber mulch and give a visual inspection to the depth of it. This will ensure that the rubber mulch is 6 inches deep. Additionally, it never hurts to inspect and provide routine maintenance to it as this will keep the overall image of your playground in perfect-image condition. 

One last note is to consider reaching out to a professional installer as there are dedicated installers that will provide convenience and attention to detail on perfecting that playground with safe and eco-friendly rubber mulch surrounding it. To learn more on an in-depth installation process, make sure to check out our article on how to install rubber mulch on your playground. 

Different Types and Their Uses

Rubber mulch has become a popular alternative to traditional wood due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. With that said, there are distinct types of rubber mulch currently available, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. A common type is having it in different colors. Colored it comes in a variety of vibrant hues and can be used to add a pop of color to landscaping projects. Another type of rubber mulch is shredded, which provides a cushioned surface for playgrounds and other high-traffic areas. Lastly, nugget is another option. Nugget is used commonly for larger landscaping projects, as it is bulkier and takes up more space. With these options currently available in the market, this is an excellent investment for your backyard playground. 

Safety Concerns

Questions about safety is a common thought to consider when investing in rubber mulch for your backyard. The magnificent news is that it is generally considered safe and offers benefits over its traditional mulch counterpart. However, as with any product, it is vital to understand some precautions with your rubber mulch. It is important to confirm that your rubber mulch is free of metals and harmful chemicals, and that it is properly installed to prevent migration. On an additional note, you should be aware of the risk of skin and eye irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. When you consider these precautions, you can safely enjoy the incredible benefits it has to offer! 

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To summarize, rubber mulch has emerged as an innovative choice for commercial and residential purposes, with a wide variety of benefits from looking great to being flexible and low maintenance. The installation process is so simple even you can do it yourself! Additionally, rubber mulch has a wide variety of options to choose from for your essential needs.

When you consider proper routine maintenance and the recommended safety precautions, rubber mulch is a fantastic investment for your backyard playground or even your garden! With all of this information provided, why not consider adding some to your playground for a safe and eco-friendly solution for you and your family?